Salon Workers and Cancer

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What you need to know to be prepared


Salon workers are a rare group of people. In general, you work long hours to make sure your clients leave your salon feeling like the best version of themselves as they walk out those doors. The work that it takes to create a clientele that will keep your schedule full is more than the average person realizes.

Often this means that you work weekends, late evenings, early mornings, and even a holiday here and there.

You ruin your clothes. Your arms, feet, neck, and back get tired and sore. You know the intimate details of the lives of most (if not all) of your clients. You’re a therapist, a psychiatrist, a keeper of secrets. You leave your personal life at the door because your job demands that you are there to take on the personal life of each of the people that you see throughout the day with a smile and a listening ear.

You get shorted on tips. Building rent goes up. You have to figure out your own business insurance and how to deal with all of the legal issues that govern what you do.

Other than the Suppliers, it can feel like there aren’t many resources available to help you navigate some of the challenges that you and those who work in your salon face.

How are you saving for retirement? What happens if you get sick? Like, really sick, and can’t work?

“I have a pretty simple solution – I’d love to talk with you about it.”

A recent study stated that salon workers are exposed to more dangerous cancer-causing chemicals than some auto shop and oil industry workers. What does that mean, and what can you do about that?



We Build Customized Life Insurance Policies for our Clients


What it means is that Salon Industry workers are subjected to chemicals that predispose them to specific types of cancer at a rate that is up to 10x higher than that of people who do not work in a salon environment. And, the longer you are in this environment, the higher your exposure rate.

In the case of our clients who are Salon workers (as well as Pest Control workers and others who may have been exposed to hazards that may predispose them to certain types of Critical, Chronic or Terminal Illness), we have the ability to build a Life Insurance Plan that is personal to you and your specific needs and circumstances. And, they are more affordable than you might think.

What happens when you are sick, and you can’t work? Who’s going to pay your bills? Don’t count on Social Security. The average income for Social Security Disability benefits is just above poverty, and with the time that it takes to be approved unless you have substantial savings, you’re likely to lose everything you’ve worked for before approval.

Let us build a Life Insurance Policy that fits YOUR needs.

Hall Benefits are experts in building Life Insurance Policies that can and will protect you, both while living – at certain times, or under certain conditions, which are easy to understand in a simple conversation – and, in the case of loss of life.

A Guaranteed Universal Life Policy allows you to pay a certain amount each month toward this policy. There is a Benefit amount in the case of loss of life. At specific maturity dates (20 years and 25 years), you can access 100% of the premiums that you have paid into your policy if you decide that this is what you would like to do. You can use this money to pay off your mortgage, travel, pay off debt, or anything else you wish.

OR, you can continue to pay the premium and keep the policy in place so that if you should become Critically or Chronically ill or pass away, you or your family will have access to the full benefit of the Life Insurance Policy.

This Policy is an absolute win/win for our clients.


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