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All Things Life Insurance

One of the main values of Hall Benefits is to educate consumers about life insurance. There are so many things to know and so many questions that a consumer should ask.

We get it. Life Insurance isn’t a subject that people talk about in normal conversation. That’s why we have created this series of blogs. To help educate the public. To help make life insurance easier to understand, easier to talk about, and less of a mystery. 

​Our hope is that you will use Hall Benefits as your resource. We offer FREE life insurance audits. We will answer your questions. We hope that you will send in your questions and give us the opportunity to write about the subjects that you still don’t quite understand – as well as keep you up to date with all of the changes that are taking place industry wide.

​Most of our blogs will be a 5 minute read or less. A short piece of information to help you understand another topic under the umbrella of LIFE INSURANCE. 

Is It February Already?!

If you are anything like the average working American, as you come to the close of one year and the beginning of a new year, you can’t help but reflect on where you are in life; what you have accomplished to this point and most likely, the seemingly never-ending list...

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5 Expensive Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Life Insurance

Things You Should Know About Life Insurance Before You Buy Life Insurance. With countless misconceptions and preconceived ideas about what it is and how it works. In a recent online workshop I attended, several people spoke up, saying they would be open to discussing...

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Hall Benefits – The New Standard in Life Insurance

With a combination of more than 30 years of Insurance Industry experience, Business ownership, and Senior Level Business Management experience, Hall Benefits was formed to bring a new standard of Life Insurance sales into the Insurance Industry. There is definitely a...

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Salon Workers and Cancer

What you need to know to be prepared Salon workers are a rare group of people. In general, you work long hours to make sure your clients leave your salon feeling like the best version of themselves as they walk out those doors. The work that it takes to create a...

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Alarming Statistics for Homeowners

Rapid Changes in Employment Culture More and more Americans are facing the hard facts of employment in the 21st century. Gone are days of the assurance of a 30-year career with the same company, a healthy benefits package which included an insurance bundle typically...

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