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With a combination of more than 30 years of Insurance Industry experience, Business ownership, and Senior Level Business Management experience, Hall Benefits was formed to bring a new standard of Life Insurance sales into the Insurance Industry.



There is definitely a cliché idea that comes to mind when you think of the typical Insurance Salesperson -pushy, hard-tactic sales, slick, smooth-talker, aggressive – the list could go on. We have witnessed some of this firsthand and didn’t like it. At all. It made us feel uncomfortable, as if we were treating both our customers and potential new agents like numbers and a bank account rather than people – people who have families to take care of and futures to look forward to and protect.



So, with this in mind, as well as the knowledge and understanding that we have about the fact that the Insurance Industry, as a whole, has not done much to change its primary business structure since the beginning of the industry itself, Hall Benefits has been formed. And we aim to change all of this, one step at a time, and turn this industry on its head.



We have a completely different business structure to offer the world of Insurance. We are working with some long-time industry principals, advisors, mentors, and companies to make sure that the products and services brought to our clients are reliable, robust, and stable.



What does this mean to you?


Well, to our clients, this means that our Agents have the best of the best insurance products to offer. We will only be representing products that have the backing of long-term companies that are fiscally responsible. If we wouldn’t recommend it to a family member, we won’t sell it- period.



Furthermore, our Agents will receive personal and extensive training. It is vital to Hall Benefits that we understand the needs of each client and correctly address those needs. Only then have we done our job.


Customized Life Insurance


Hall Benefits puts a high value on our client’s best interest, even if that means our client keeping the policy that they currently have because it’s the best policy for them. We will not sell you an insurance policy you don’t need just to make the sale.



Additionally, we don’t train our Agents to be aggressive and hard-sale tactics or pushy and, in fact, highly discourage this kind of sales behavior. We find this behavior off-putting and offensive. Our agents are trained to understand both the current circumstances and future goals of our clients and work with them to make sure that their clients make clear and educated decisions regarding their life insurance.



Because of our business structure, our Agents aren’t panicked to close as many sales in a day as possible to pay their bills. Our Agents can take the time to meet with and understand the needs of each client, explain what we have to offer, how the benefits take care of our clients, and allow our clients time to ask questions until they feel they understand the products being discussed.



It is typical for our Agents to meet a client at their home to discuss sensitive information, but we have also met with clients at local coffee shops, libraries, and other places where we could find a quiet corner for discussion. We are happy to work our schedule around what works for you.


If you have questions you would like to answer yourself before working with a life insurance agent, you can download our FREE Life Insurance Guide and Workbooks here.




Hall Benefits believes that our client is our business. We have set exacting standards for our Agents and work with them to maintain those standards.




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